Stay & Play! After School Winter Registration
Fri, Dec 10 12:46pm

Stay & Play Winter Session Registration will OPEN on
Monday, December 13th!
Stay & Play's return this fall was super successful...Thank you! We are now adding enrichment classes that will be offered to every student and rolled into the regular after school day as "choice time" at no extra cost.
Students will have a choice to attend enrichment classes on designated days. This will be rotating, so every student will have an opportunity to participate.
Homework help will still be offered Monday-Thurs for grades 1-5. 
Enrichment Options
Tues & Thurs - Science with Ms. Kathy
Tues & Wed - Art with Ms. Marina
Tues & Thurs - Yoga with Kally
Thurs - Dance with Marc
Mon-Fri - Crafts with Ms. Rose
Mon-Fri - Sports with Phelan
Mon-Fri - Open Lego building
And more as the year progresses...
Signup and learn all about the Stay & Play Program on our website at
This Winter session runs from Jan. 3rd to April 14th. If you were signed up for the Fall session, you need to re-enroll for the Winter! 
Please note: There will be no waitlist this session and Drop-Ins will be welcome
(must open an account and register).
No need to rush your registration as long as you apply before January 3rd.