Stay at Home Gala Update and Prize Winners
Thu, Apr 22 8:39am

Thank you to all the PS 372 Families who helped make our 1st Ever “Stay-at-Home” Gala a huge success.  We raised more than $16,000 for our PTA and our school during a most tumultuous year.


The Auction committee wants to give a huge shout out to Brad Eichmann, dad to Everett and Otto, who made the online donation process simpler for parents and the PTA treasurers.  His efforts will be felt for years to come because of the streamlining he set up.


Thanks also to Kathleen Conner, one of our fearless leaders, who came up with the idea and the great messaging throughout the day. 


Thanks to Merideth Finn for her social media posts -- aka “meeting people where they are” -- to remind them of the ‘event.’ 


Thank you to our sponsors/donors who provided prizes for this most unusual gala, including ShopINnyc, Brooklyn Pizza Market and Calexico, among others. 


And now, the envelope please………. The winners of 2021’s SAHG prizes are: 


  • Gift Card to Brooklyn Pizza Market: Dan Beers, Mary Jane McQuillen, Jennifer Yang and Michael Kleinsteuber
  • Gift Card to Chavela’s: Wendy Wetstone
  • One PS 372 Gear Item (*pending availability): Carolyn Gouger
  • ShopinNYC Gift Certificate: Samantha Brown
  • Gift Card to Mile End Deli: Carri Spinney and Julie Lipton
  • 1-Year New York Times All-Access Digital subscription: Ryan Cuas and Laura Mantell
  • Culture Yogurt Gift Card:  Sarah Allen, Katie Beto and Pamela Lugo
  • Calexico Gift Card: Mimi and Mara Stauber-Levy and Callie Siegel
  • Seamless Gift Card that can be used at perennial sponsor Hamilton's: Ellen Correia Golay
  • Community Bookstore Gift Card: Shruti Kapoor, Marissa Siegal and Christine Dabrow
  • Gift Card to Miriam’s Restaurant: Lori Richmond
  • Gift Card to Whole Foods: Khoi Uong
  • Gift Card to Ample Hills Ice Creamery: Craig Bromberg
  • Amazon Gift Card: Sasha Paul


To our winners, the Auction Committee will be in touch about how to claim your prize.  To the entire school community, thank you for your support and for helping our PTA continue to provide our staff and students with much needed support in an unprecedented school year. 


If you missed the "Gala," you can always support our school and PTA through the Direct Appeal.


With best wishes,

Sarah, on behalf of  The Auction Committee of the PTA of PS 372