Support the LoBue Children
Mon, Aug 1 1:47pm
Jessica LoBue was a beloved member of our school community who passed away on July 4, 2022. She worked as a paraprofessional at 372 for 19 years. To both her students and colleagues, Jessica was adored for her unflappable positivity. She was a wonderful combination of calm, joyful and funny. Her sense of humor and love for every student helped her connect with every class she worked with. Her students loved her and she loved them. She was still in touch with kids and families she worked with years ago.
Those of us lucky enough to work with Jessie loved her for being such a thoughtful friend, the happiness and fun she brought to every classroom she worked in, and her impeccable sense of fashion. She was a light in our school and we are all better for having known and worked with her.
After Jessie tragically lost both her dad and husband in the last few years, her two girls, Juliette and Valentina, more than ever, became her world. She loved them beyond measure. Ensuring a secure future for them was extremely important to her. With this collection, we’re honoring that wish.