Thu, Jun 4 8:59am

Dear Children's School Teachers, Specialists and Staff,

Our Chancellor's Day tradition, when the families of The Children's School are enthusiastically  granted the opportunity to show our appreciation by catering a luncheon in your honor, has been postponed. NOT cancelled!

After much deliberation on how our community could make a collective grand gesture happen, given all of our social constraints, we feel a "rain check" is in order. We don't know what this will look like exactly, but we have a moment banked for you. Upon return to our beloved school, we intend to provide a celebration commending all you do for our children, and how extraordinary you've been to our families throughout this pandemic. 

In the meantime, please know when we think of you today, we hear the heartbeat of our school community. We see the foundation of our childrens' future you mindfully constructed. We feel the joy our children exude towards their classroom communities. We hear the songs you've taught them, watch the dances you've encouraged, hang accomplished artwork you've inspired, listen to the story-telling you've supported, sit in awe of the curiosity and fearless questioning you've ignited. You have given and continue to give our children so much.  And for all of that and so much more, we are eternally grateful.

Thank you, teachers, specialists and staff.  

With gratitude,

Your PTA