Thank You!!
Mon, Jan 30 5:30pm


Thank You to our Families and Staff 

The outpouring of generosity and support as we have welcomed 20 new students to our school community has been extraordinary.  Thank You to everyone who has pitched in to help. Extra special thanks to our Spanish-speaking staff and students, both in the classrooms and at our after-school program, who have been working so hard. Thank you to everyone who has created wish-lists, donated items, and sponsored new students for Pizza Friday. Thank you to our staff and parent volunteers who have unloaded the deliveries and helped organize, sort and send home donations. Thank you to our amazing staff and students who have welcomed the new kids into their classrooms and our school community.


Jan. 30 was school spirit day to celebrate our school's 30th anniversary year. Students and staff wore:

  • 372 Gear
  • Field Day T-shirts from any year
  •  Something with Blue or Gold
  • Something with a 3, 7 or 2 on it - Be Creative