Thank You For An Amazing Book Fair!
Mon, Nov 25 8:08pm

Thank you very much to everybody who helped make this year’s Book Fair a great success! We want to thank all of the volunteers who helped set up, pack up and sell books. We would also like to thank the children who shopped and each of the families who came during conferences to buy books for themselves and for the Teacher Wishlists.


We extend a HUGE shout out to our amazing custodial crew- Tony, Jose and Michael- who set up the tables and facilitated the delivery of books. We would also like to thank the teachers who brought their classes to the stage to shop and we extend a special thanks to our theatre teacher, Ms. Megan, who lent us the stage for a few days.


The Book Fair could not happen without Phillip at Community Bookstore who worked hard to ensure that we had an amazing book selection and who delivered the books and returned at the end to pick them up. We are grateful for our partnership with such a wonderful local business.


We thank Liza, Katy, Scotte, Vernectia, and Jessica for running the Book Fair at the 6:1:1 site.


We would also like to thank the PTA who sponsored $508 to make sure that every child went home with a book .