Thank You For An Amazing Movie Night/Clothing Swap!!!
Sun, Oct 14 10:32am
PS 372 -The Children's School

Our school community enjoyed our very first family movie night and clothing swap on Friday evening. Families came together to swap gently used clothing and Halloween costumes. Later we enjoyed pizza, popcorn, and lemonade and home brought picnic dinners in our gym while we watched RIO on the big screen. The movie sounded amazing on our new PTA sponsored sound system.


We must thank the organizers and many volunteers who made this fun night possible. Huge thanks to Megan Walsh and Katy Crile for Co-chairing the clothing and costume swap. More huge thanks to Claudia Gonson and Kathleen Conner for Co-chairing movie night. Thanks to Ms. Rosa and our head custodian Mr. Mike for arranging permits. Thanks to Merideth Finn-Beers and Jessica Miksis for helping to oversee the event.


Thank you so much Brenna Griffin for your extra support with the swap and volunteering to drop off the extra clothing to a charity.


Big shout outs to Desiree Detoy, Dan Beers for handling monies and helping with movie night concessions. Special thanks to Dan Beers for last minute store runs for extra popcorn, salt and oil.


Thanks to Claudia Gonson, Judy Dutton, Derek Costas and Helen Darroch for popping corn all night! Thanks to Rafael Gomez Luna, Glenn Echevarria, Ian Cooley and Frank Cullen for much needed help with pizza deliveries.


Loud shout outs to Derek Costas and Mr. Doug for AV support and to Glenn Echevarria for help with our imagination playground blue blocks.


Many, many thanks to all of the great parent volunteers who wrangled kids in the yard, helped to set up, run and clean up the swap, and did all the little things to keep kids safe and happy and keep the night on track.


And special thanks to Mr. Unyque for his help cleaning up at the end of the night and to our safety agents Dillon and Crandell for friendly crowd control.


We had a lot of fun and look forward to more movie nights at The Children’s School.