Thank You for a Fantastic Movie Night
Mon, Jan 29 12:55pm

Winter Movie Night on Friday was a big success.  We want to take a moment to thank all the parents and volunteers who made it happen, including, but not limited to:


  • Movie Night and EB committee members Marissa Devito-Seigal, Sarah Graham, Katherine Beto, Raquel Cunha, Scotte Hardin, Sascha Weiss
  • Parent volunteers who donated concessions, set-up, cleaned-up and pitched in: Lorna Arellano, Brie Ashley, Ruchika Chopra, Jane Diina, Kerrie Frisinger, Carolyn Gouger, Nao Kasami, Rachel Lears, Madeline Solomon, Tara Stewart, Lauren Williams, Marie Wobbe
  • Special thanks to Mr. Doug for tech help, Mr. Unyque and security agent Crandell for all their help.
  • And a big shoutout to Jets Pizza for their donation.  While the main goal of these events is to have fun together, we also raised $1,100 for the PTA!  At the Valentine's Dance, all concession profits will go to 5th Grade Graduation activities so come prepared to shop.