Thank You to All of Our Paraprofessionals
Mon, Apr 3 10:12am

The Children's School is blessed to have the support of so many paraprofessionals who work hard each day to support both students and teachers at our Adelphi Street and Carroll Street sites. The Adelphi Street parents and staff had a beautiful celebration and community circle this morning. It's hard to put into words what the paras mean to our school community, so at Carroll Street, we asked the kids to do it for us!


Here's a smattering of their heartfelt (and at times funny) answers to the prompt "One Great Thing About...." 


Mr. Victor: "He is so nice. He helps me do my math when I am having trouble."

Ms. Yolanda: "I love you because you help kids when they are hurt."

Ms. Jessica:   "Te quiero mucho Ms. Jessica. Muchas gracias por estar con nosotras."

Ms. Doreen: "She is supportive and always give 2nd chances. "

Ms. Lucy: "She does not lose her temper."

Ms. Karen: "She is the best fashionista."

Mr. Unyque: "Tiene un buen caracter y es muy divertido."

Ms. Baker: "I love how you always find a way to compliment me."

Mr. J: "Thank you for giving me facts about skateboarding. You are very helpful and you are very wise and encouraging."


The children did a great job showing their support to the paraprofessionals they see each day at school: If you see a para this week, let them know how much you appreciate them.  Stay tuned all week to our PTA Instagram @ps372pta to see all the photos and read more "great things!"