Thanks for making the Auction amazing!
Tue, Jun 14 7:09am

372 balloons


We wanted to send a Special Thank You for the support of our community and to the members of this year’s Auction Committee. As of the last count, together we raised over $34K for our school! 


Thank you to Kathleen Conner, who has been the PTA Chair of the Auction Party Committee for the past four years, and has managed to exceed fundraising expectations each year. Deeply involved in our events, Kathleen helps makes the magic happen.


Thank you to Callie Siegel who planned, organized and threw a fantastic party in the Game Room at Industry City. Callie always knows how and where to add in the special touches that transform any space into a party place!


Thank you to Sarah Graham who runs the tech side of the online auction, solicits donations, and creates a mean Google Doc. Sarah keeps the entire committee organized and makes the post auction wrap-up run smoothly.


This year the committee welcomed 5 new members. Each one added new contacts, new ideas, solicited new donations, and pitched in on the day and night of the party. Thank you to Ruben Alban, Julia Finegan, Rachel Lears, Meredith Martin, and Megan Remmelts. The collaborative effort from both seasoned Committee members and new ones made this such a successful event.


The Auction Party was a special evening for our community of parents and teachers/staff, and it was a great success in funding all that the PTA does for the students at our school. We’re already looking forward to next year’s party!