The CCEC Application Period Opens TODAY, Monday, February 1
Mon, Feb 1 1:06pm

Elecciones comunitarias y de la ciudad de 2021 -  


2021 সম্প্রদায় এবং শহরব্যাপী নির্বাচন

Dear D15 Friends and Families,


We are excited to announce that the application period for the 2021-23 term for Community Education Councils is now open and, with so many active participants and community advocates in our District 15 public schools, we are sure you will want to step up and run for CEC15 or one of the Citywide Councils.


There is a CEC for every district in NYC and four Citywide Councils that represent High Schools (CCHS), Students with Disabilities (CCSE), Multilingual Learners (CCELL) and our students in District 75 programs (CCD75).


In order to participate as a candidate or in the voting process for the upcoming CCEC election, you must have a NYC Schools Account. Every parent or guardian with a child in a DOE school can create a NYC Schools Account.  This short video explains how to set up a NYC Schools Account:

If you have any questions about the upcoming CEC election, the campaign is holding daily virtual information sessions throughout the month of February. For more details or with questions contact:

To find out more about how to apply for a Community Education Council scroll down.



(P)718-935-4267  I  E-mail:

131 Livingston Street, Room 301, Brooklyn, NY 11201  l  l CEC15 Calendar



Council Members: Camille Casaretti (President), Antonia Ferraro (Co-Vice President 1), Tia Schellstede (Co-Vice President 2 & BP Appointee), Bess Abrahams (Secretary), Kimmerly Scott (Treasurer), Cateia Rembert (Parliamentarian), Mark Bisard (IEP Rep), Iván Banda (BP Appointee), Krystal Cason, Claudia Lechuga.