The Importance of Read-a-thon Sponsorships
Tue, Feb 23 9:37pm

 Our students have logged over 141,000 minutes so far!

This is a brief reminder about sponsorship. No fundraising is required to participate in our Read-a-thon, nor is it necessary to raise money in order to qualify for any of the milestone minute drawings for prizes. However, for those who are able to reach out to sponsors, a little money from many sponsors goes a long way! Our fundraising goal for the Readathon this year is $16,000. Please reach out to a few friends, co-workers, and family members to support our children’s love of reading by sponsoring them in our school Read-a-thon.

There are 2 easy ways for students & their families to reach sponsors via email!

  1. You can enter the email addresses of potential sponsors into our form and we will automatically email potential sponsors our standard email that explains how our Read-a-thon works and how they can support a student. 
    To request sponsors using the email template form, go here:
  1. Alternatively, you can request sponsorship directly by emailing people from your own email accounts and including this link:


Thank you for supporting The Children’s School and our love of reading!

-Team Readathon