The Readathon Starts Tomorrow
Wed, Jan 31 12:28pm

The Readathon is a month-long, fun school community event that  celebrates reading.

Like the past few years, this year's Readathon will be managed online.  Head over to the Readathon page on for details.   There is an option to use Google Translate to access the information in multiple languages and paper forms are also available in English and Spanish to download, or you can ask your teachers.


The Readathon Dashboard is the place to keep track of all things reading. There is also a fundraising aspect that empowers students to participate in raising money for their school. Money raised will go directly to support our school and at least 10% of the total directly supports our school libraries at both sites.

 Milestones & Prizes

  • Students will be awarded badges for reaching Milestone Minutes. The badges are: Participation (any amount of minutes read and logged), 125 minutes, 250 minutes, 500 minutes, 1,000 minutes and 2,500 minutes
  • Students who reach each Milestone Minute mark will be entered into drawings to win gift certificates from our partner, Community Bookstore.
  • Classes with the most participation in every grade will help choose a new book title for our libraries with our library specialists.
  • Prizes will be awarded to classes who have 100% participation!

Thanks to Brad Eichmann (5th and 2nd grade Dad) for his technical support of the Readathon site and its great features like the ability to email multiple sponsor requests with the click of a button.    While the Readathon is a significant fundraiser for the PTA, all prizes are based solely on participation, not funds raised.

If you have questions, you can reach the Readathon committee at .

Happy Reading!

PS:  If you need more books in your home library, check out Community Bookstore. They are offering the PTA 20% of all online sales from our school between now and the end of Feb. Instructions to have your purchase count are here.