The Salute to Music Program
Sun, Oct 23 1:31pm

The Salute to Music Program through the Office of Arts & Special Projects is currently recruiting students for the **NEW Brooklyn Chorus!!** 

We meet on Saturdays from 8:45am-11:45am at Brooklyn High School for the Arts!
This is a FREE opportunity for 4th - 8th grade DOE students!!
CLICK HERE to Register: 
The Salute to Music Program provides an opportunity for NYC public school students to receive FREE Saturday musical instruction along with peers within their boroughs!
This year, students can participate in borough-based Brooklyn Chorus. The Brooklyn Chorus ensemble is for students who love to sing! Students who demonstrate proficient skill will be accepted. Each ensemble site will prepare and present a concert in the spring.
Being a part of a chorus ensemble can be a chance to expand your singing skills in ways not available to vocalists who only perform solo. In our Chorus, you can blend your voice with others to make beautiful, complex sounds, and combine the experience of singing a solo with blending as a group! Join us as we make exciting music together this year!