The verdict and George Floyd
Thu, Apr 22 8:27am

Good Morning, 


The verdict and George Floyd have lived in our hearts and minds for quite some time.  I like to remain optimistic especially in light of the outcome of the recent trial, but I am also realistic.  The work that needs to continue around the larger issues that persist related to the fight for equality and justice for black and brown families must continue.  


We at the school level must take this opportunity to lift and  to embrace the black and brown children that cross our paths as this verdict  assures them that their lives matter;  that they are as important as anyone else. 


Please continue to take care of yourselves and your loved ones.  Remain optimistic that this is a push towards equity as we recognize that systemic racism exists and change must start there. 


Remember that  the Children's School is an inclusive and diverse community where all learners' are valued.  Our families, staff, children and community members are always welcome here.  




Rosa Amato,

Principal, The Children's School