Tomorrow Is School Spirit Day! TCS is 31 Years Young!
Tue, Jan 30 2:24pm

The Children’s School was founded in 1992 as a partnership between Community School District 15 and the Citywide Special Education District 75, making it the only public, full inclusion elementary school in New York City.


In honor of our 31st year,  on Wed. Jan. 31st we'll celebrate our school spirit.  Show your Cheetah pride tomorrow by wearing:

  • 🧢 School gear
  • 👕 A Field Day T-shirt
  • 💙 Something blue
  • 💛 Something gold
  • 🔢 The number(s) 372

This is meant to be a no-stress, fun, event for us to show our  💙 for The Children’s School!


We'll leave you with this brain teaser:


Using just the numerals 3, 7 and 2, write a mathematical equation that equals 31. You can use brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. Each number must be used at least once (but numbers can be used more than once). How many ways can you find?