Urgent Emergency Appeal - Help Us Bridge a Funding Gap
Thu, Nov 16 9:26am

Dear PS 372 Community,


As our co-presidents shared last night at our monthly PTA meeting,  we are currently facing an unprecedented emergency situation: The theft of over $300,000 from our public school PTA accounts.  (The meeting was recorded and  the link will be sent out by tomorrow.)

Please help us fundraise through this temporary financial crisis as we await the outcome of the bank investigation. We urgently need your help to ensure the continued operation of all activities the PTA funds at both sites that make PS 372 a one-of-a-kind school.


How to help?


● Donate Online by Credit Card (Powered by PayPal): www.inclusions.org/contribute
● Send a check made out to “The PTA of PS372” to school, ATTN THE PTA
● Check if your employer offers matching gifts!
● Spread the word! Anyone can give and all donations are tax-deductible.

Our school wouldn’t be the special place it is without all of the programs and resources funded
by the PTA, which sponsors events and activities that build our school community and enrich
our childrens’ educations, regardless of an individual family's ability to pay.

In “typical years” for our Annual Appeal, we have suggested a tax-deductible donation of $180
per child, which comes out to approximately $1 per day, per child, during the school year.
Right now, we are asking families to give anything they can, as quickly as they can. We
are aiming to raise $100,000 by Dec. 20, the day of Winterfest.

Regardless of the amount you can offer, our goal is to increase participation in the Annual
Appeal. We are also hoping to extend the reach of this year’s appeal by asking friends, family
and alumni if they would consider donating during this extraordinary year so we can weather
this crisis and come out stronger than ever. When our funds are recovered, all money raised
will be used as intended for the Annual Appeal to support and expand PTA programming.


Our website uses PayPal to collect donations. It was not the source of the financial
fraud and remains secure. We also have both a new bank account and additional security measures in place.


Contribute online at inclusions.org /contribute or send an envelope with a check made out to "PTA of PS372" to the school.  Donate all at once or schedule a monthly donation.

Every donation to the PTA is tax-deductible and we also participate in Employer Matching Gift
programs. Double your gift by checking if your employer offers this benefit. The PTA can help
with any paperwork. (Send requests to info@ps372pta.org and treasurer@ps372pta.org)


Thank you for your support!