Virtual Book Fair starts TODAY!!
Thu, Jan 21 1:07pm

PS 372 Book Fair Starts TODAY!!

The PTA is teaming up with Community Bookstore to create a Virtual Book Fair! 
Read-a-thon is coming so stock up on books! However, the Book Fair is not just for kids, buy those books you’ve been thinking of getting and support both our school and a local, independent bookstore. 
Go to and search for any book you’d like to purchase or browse their website.  Add your selection(s) to your “basket” and purchase using the code PS372
There are three options for receiving your books: pick up the books at the store, ship to your home at media rate, or delivery to school (for group A & B AND Adelphi students, only when school buildings are open). If you want to use the delivery to school option, select in-store pickup, but add “delivery to PS372” in the order options field.
Use the Promo Code:  PS372
The code will be available until the end of February, so if you finish a book and need a sequel or want some extra reading material for the Mid-Winter Break, you can order new books and they help support the school too. Code works for all books purchased at Community Bookstore, not just kids books, so share the code with friends and family. 
Book Fair supports the school too, 20% of the book sales will be donated to the PTA!
Check out our recommended lists of books for Carroll St. & Adelphi St. students attached to this email, as well as books from the bookstore’s own newsletter ( on our
Happy Reading!
The PTA of PS 372