Volunteers Needed for DOE Diversity in Admissions Program
Thu, Nov 15 10:52pm
PS 372 -The Children's School


The Children's School is part of the DOE Diversity in Admissions program, an effort designed to increase diversity in schools throughout New York City. In order to reach the goals of that program, we are launching our annual outreach effort to Pre-K families from under represented communities in District 15.


This year, Michele Greenberg, who is a former 372 parent, has a grant to coordinate diversity outreach for the three district wide schools in D15: PS 372, PS 133 and BNS.

She will be coordinating the outreach effort starting with site visits to communities in Kensington, Sunset Park, Red Hook and Gowanus.


Michele will be organizing teams of parent and teacher volunteers to distribute flyers and speak with parents at Pre-K centers, libraries, churches, and mosques.


The NYC Kindergarten application period begins the week of November 26 and The Children's School open house is on December 6 so we will need to get started right away!

We are looking for anyone who can help us talk to parents and/or distribute flyers. We particularly need Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Bengali speakers, people who live in one of the four neighborhoods listed above, and people of African, Latino, South and Southwest Asian heritage. That said, we are happy to have any and all willing volunteers!


Please respond to Michele at michele.greenberg@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.


Thank you!