Winners from the Valentine's Day Dance "Time with Teachers" Raffle!
Fri, Feb 14 7:06pm

Hello PS 372 Families,

This year's Valentine's Day Dance was a groovy success! We would like to thank all who showed up in their dancing shoes to help celebrate and support our school. A special thanks to the generous teachers, therapists and staff who contributed to the "Time with Teachers" Raflle, our awesome volunteers, the 5th grade parents for their delicious food and drinks, our wonderful Principal Ms. Rosa and last but not least, the infinitely helpful hard working custodial staff (plus Mr. Unyque). Have a great February break!


And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...Here are the winners of this year's TIME WITH TEACHERS RAFFLE...


Ice Cream & Movie with Ms. Rosa A.

-Charlotta Brewster (Pre-K 2)

-River Jones (K-1)

-Kai Schragger (4-2)

-Michael Goldschmidt (4-1)


Lunch with Ms. Rosa A

-Minna Powell (5-3)

-Ezra Parker-Gouy (4-3)

-Reina Nakagawa (4-2)


Make Slime with Ms. Marilu (Pre-K 1)

-Harrison Elbonk (Pre-K 1)

-Matteo Wells (Pre-K 1)


Special Arts & Craft Project with Ms. Amy V. (Speech)

-Rafaella Tanman (1-3)

-Claudine Powell (1-3)


Cupcake Dance Party with Ms. AnneMarie (1-3)

-Luca Albanese (1-3)

-Sofia Wells (2-2)

-Arashi Williams (1-3)

-Ian Jovan Aguilar (2-1)


Ice Cream Sundae Fun-Day with Ms. Rosa PL

-Eileen Sullivan (4-1)

-Alexandra Lynch (1-3)

-Eliot Wilson (1-1)

-Iris Firestone-Morrill (3-3)


See a Play with Ms. Megan Ibarra

-Sadie Lou Cohen-Thompson + 1 Friend 


Draw Pokemon & have lunch with Mr. Frank Ammirata 

-Smith Grocer (K-2)

-James Fulton (1-1)

-William Brewster (1-2)

-Dylan Miksis (2-2)


Playground Fun at JJ Byrne with Ms. Aida & Ms. Wendy Cruz

-Kaavya Thadani (3-2)

-Eloise Baker Robins (4-2)

-Annabelle Mangan (3-2)


See a Dance Performace with Ms. Gabby 

-Naia Liang (3-3) + 1 Friend


Pizza & Tie Dye Shirt Making Party with Ms. Megan & Ms. Dina (K-1)

-Ted Perrow (1-3)

-Julian LaRosa (1-2)

-Ian Herzog (K-1)

-Elijah Alvarez (K-1)


Karaoke Dance Party with Ms. Gina, Ms. Jenise & Ms. Rose (2-1)

-Eloise DiLeo (2-1)

-Tess Dolce (2-1)

-Melanie Perez (2-2)

-Madeline Elbonk (2-3)


Make Sundaes with Speech (Ms. Jeanne, Ms, Vanessa & Ms. Jacky)

-Sebastian Russo (1-3) + 1 Friend

-Colin Dobson (1-1) + 1 Friend

-Jude Jones (4-3) + 1 Friend


Ample Hills Ice Cream Fun with Ms. Emily & Ms. Tiffany (3-1)

-Stella Magaldi (3-1)

-Alba Cajiao-Correia (3-1)

-Tallulah Tamman (3-1)

-Kaede Nardi (3-1)


Burgers & Milkshake Picnic with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Renata

-Zachary White (1-3)

-Joaquin Zuniga (1-2)

-Beatrice Sybrant (K-3)

-Fiona Perkovich (K-3)


Ample Hills Outing with Ms. Sharon & Ms. Shari

-Lailah Barrientos (K-1)

-Eve Gonson (4-1)

-Nick Lamonica (5-3)

-Niki Kumagai (5-3)


Pizza Lunch with Ms. Beth & Ms. Kathy and play time with the chicks, ducks & bunnies (K-2)

-Matthew Bohan (2-2)

-Penelope Tamman (1-1)


Pizza Lunch with Ms. Beth & Ms. Kathy and play time with the chicks, ducks & bunnies (3-5)

-Mia Berliner (3-3)

-Soraya Al-Hendi (4-1)


Ice Cream Outing with Ms. Sophie, Ms. Jenine & Mr Dustin

-Natsumi Takeda (4-3) + 1 Friend

-Liam Dobson (4-2) + 1 Friend

-Beatrix Finn-Beers (4-3) + 1 Friend


Knitting Lesson with Ms. Irene

-Amelia Basith + 1 Friend 


Fancy Smoothies & Jewelry Making with Ms. Marina & Ms. Elena

-Victoria Herbert (5-3) + 1 Friend


Make Slime with Ms. Tatum 

-Marz Watson (2-3) + 1 Friend


Nail Polish Party with Ms. Seema

-Everly Yuen (5-2) + 2 Friends


Make Lip Balm with Ms. Sarah & Ms. Fiona

-Vera Yuen (1-2)

-Reika Soleimanpour (4-3)

-Abigail Chin (1-2)

-Alice Finn-Beers (4-2)


Milkshakes with Ms. Bridget

-Georgia Stoulil (4-1)

-Frankie Cullen (5-1)

-Gregory LaRosa (4-3)


Buttermilk Bakeshop Treat with Ms. Irene

-Margot Sax (5-1) + 1 Friend

-Amelia Basith (5-1) + 1 Friend 


Ice Cream Party for the Winner & His/Her ENTIRE Class with Mr. Joe & Ms. Seema

-Teyo Chait (5-2)


Ample Hills Ice Cream Party with Ms. Amanda, Ms. Dana & Ms. Linda

-Lucy Conner (2-3)

-Mia De la Vega (K-2)

-Maddie Elblonk (2-3)


Lunch with Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Chauna & Ms. Geria (3-2)

-Matilda Magaldi (3-2)

-Althea Powell (3-2)

-Layne Strum (3-2)

-Emma Kleinstauber (4-3)


3v3 Basketball Game with Mr. Dustin, Mr. Joe & Mr. David

-Fletcher Hagan (5-3)

-Jai Darroch (4-3)

-Evan Miksis (5-3)