Your Invitation to a Free Civic Engagement Workshop for Families with Young Children
Wed, Jan 16 3:22pm
PS 372 -The Children's School
Dear PS 372 Families:
You are invited to a free Civic Engagement Workshop for Families with Young Children on Weds., Jan. 23 at Park Slope's MS 51 in the cafeteria (5th Ave/4th St.).  This workshop, which is open to the public and welcomes all, was developed by a Children's School parent.
At the workshop, D15 students from Red Hook's PS15 who convinced New York City to ban styrofoam will present at the workshop.  Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon will give a sign language lesson for useful community words.  There will be a lesson on how to use a bullhorn at your next gathering and we'll conduct a practice march/rally celebrating community!
Additionally, "Community Connectors" will be at the workshop from Brooklyn Community Board 6, Transportation Alternatives, Park Slope Civic Council, Board of Elections, CEC15, Old Stone House, the Brooklyn Borough President's Office, the Office of Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon and others.
Sponsored by Brooklyn Community Board 6, this interactive event will help families kick off the year with community.  Optional RSVP:
4 pm: 
-Welcome + "Begins with an Acorn" concept
-Introduction to Citizen Squirrel's 2019 Community Calendar for Families
-Interactive Speed Greeting Exercise
4:10 to 4:20
"What Do You Like?"  Workshop Activity 
Students and adults will yell out what they like and we'll write it all down on the wall.  We, as a group, will connect those interests with community organizations and opportunities.  This will illustrate that community involvement can be a lot of fun.
4:20 to 4:35
Student Testimonial: Our Voices Matter
Middle school student Maggie will share how she led New York City ban styrofoam.  Maggie started working on the campaign as part of Cafeteria Culture when she was a third grader at PS 15 in Red Hook!  She will teach us a chant that helped make the foam ban campaign memorable.  Participants can ask Maggie questions.
4:35 to 4:50
Sign Language Lesson for Useful Community words by Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon.  
4:45 to 5
How to Use a Bullhorn and What to Expect at a Rally/March, Learn Classic Chants, and Participate in Practice March and Rally for Community
5 to 5:30:
Community Connectors 
Workshop participants can meet community leaders who can guide families to community involvement opportunities.  There will be representatives from:
Board of Elections
Borough President's office
Brooklyn Community Board 6
Office of Assemblymember Jo Anne Simon
Cafeteria Culture
Park Slope Civic Council