follow up to email..
Sun, May 29 11:00am

You all received an upsetting email from a parent this past Friday.  My apologies to you all, as it comes during a difficult time in the lives of Elementary School families and staff. 


Anytime an allegation of Corporal or Verbal Abuse is made against a member of a school community, it must be reported to the  Office of Special Investigations. Once reported, we must sit and wait for them to direct the school on the next steps.  Typically, the step is either that the school is directed to investigate or the Office of Special Investigations will do the investigation.  Either way, the wait is difficult and up to two weeks can go by before any determination can be made. 


The safety and well being of the children is always a  priority and these situations are always difficult as the DOE has an entire protocol of steps that must be followed. There is no instant resolution while the investigation is underway. 


Thank you always for your continued support of the school community. 


Rosa Amato