10 for 10: It's the 10th of the month, so let's talk about what we can do for PS10 - Focus on Equity, Inclusion & Diversity
Fri, Jan 10 10:35am


Happy 2020!


Our community is fortunate to be made up of students, families, and staff who come from diverse cultures, ethnicities, races, faiths, sexual orientations, abilities and more. 


This month in our 10 for 10 message, we celebrate the Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Committee, which fosters compassion, open conversation, understanding and acceptance for our rich and varied PS10 community. 


The committee works to:


  • Engage parents with workshops, discussions, and community activities (like our upcoming International Potluck on January 24th!).  


  • Create learning opportunities for our kids with curricula, assemblies and activities to discuss race, equity and other issues in an age-appropriate and empowering way (like this month's interactive anti-bullying workshop for classrooms called Alice's Story).


  • Provide staff and faculty with professional development workshops and learning opportunities on how to talk to children about race and other equity matters.  


These investments in Equity, Inclusion & Diversity make our school a richer, more welcoming place — and have a big impact on how our kids learn. In order to support this program and others from the PTA...


Can you give... a one time donation of $5, $500, or $5000...? 
Can you give a recurring donation  of $10/month?
Can you give a recurring donation of $30/month to cover your child?


Please donate today to support our community.




Thank you,