10 for 10: It's the 10th of the month, so let's talk about what we can do for PS10 - Focus on Literacy
Thu, Feb 6 2:32pm


Let’s Talk About Literacy! 

Dear Parents,


It’s time for another 10 for 10!


Did you know that every year at PS10, each grade gets their own visit from an author who presents their books and a message about writing and/or illustration, imagination, and the endless possibilities of story-telling? They do! The library, along with students’ classrooms, receives copies of the books as well.


This program is brought to you by the Visiting Author Committee, who — with a PTA budget of $7,500 — does all of this and also presents a Community-wide event each year, like Saturday’s screening of the 2018 film A Wrinkle in Time along with an appearance by author Charlotte Jones Volkis, granddaughter of Madeleine L’Engle.


The organizing power of the Visiting Author Committee, supported by our parent community’s donations to the PTA, make all of this possible.


We would love your help as an organizer on the committee! Join the committee here.


And you can also support us by giving.


Can you give... a one time donation of $5, $500, or $5000...? 
Can you give a recurring donation  of $10/month?
Can you give a recurring donation of $30/month to cover your child?


Please donate today to support our community.




Thank you for supporting programs like this for our community. And see below for this year’s incredible lineup of visiting authors!


Thank you,