10 for 10: We are Here for the Community
Fri, Apr 10 6:13pm



Dear PS10 Families,


What a challenging moment we are all experiencing. We hope you are safe and well as you receive this April 10 for 10 message.  


Please know that the PTA continues to work. We are in communication with Principal Scott and the administration, helping to respond to school needs as they arise. 


For example, on a recent call we learned that there were many families without digital devices for at-home learning. The school addressed the needs of 75% of those families, and the PTA is supporting the purchase of digital devices for the remaining 25% — because every one of our kids should have access to online classrooms.  


The PTA is also expanding our teacher support to reimburse teachers for some of their extra costs associated with moving online. 


The PTA asked the administration to work on providing printout copies of documents needed for at home work, and we have promised to support this work. 


We are so grateful we had the funding to meet these needs, and that is because of your generosity.


But we have also been there to hear your frustrations and your fears. We are discussing more ways to help support folks at home, and we will continue to be in touch. If you have a specific need, please reach out. The PTA is here for you. Email: pta@ps10.org or president@pta.ps10.org. We are here to help. 


While the year may not be what we envisioned, we are fortunate to have such a strong community of parents, teachers, administrators and students. PS10 needs us, and we need PS10.


If you are able to contribute at this time, please give to support these ever-shifting needs and help our school stay on track to serve our kids.


Thank you,