5 Ways You Didn’t Realize You Could Give to PS10!
Mon, Mar 12 2:12pm


5 Ways You Didn’t Realize You Could Give to PS10!


  1. Did you know that when you shop for everyday items, you can give back to PS 10? Link your Amazon account to AmazonSmile. Start by logging onto https://www.konstella.com/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.smile.amazon.com, and Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase–excluding shipping, handling and taxes—to the PS10 PTA. Then every time you go to smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com 0.5% of your purchase comes to us! 



  1. Check out PS10’s affiliate page! Every time you shop at one of our awesome affiliate vendors by clicking through our page, they give us 2%-7% back! We have partners like Lego, Melissa & Doug and PetSmart – check it out!


  1. You can buy PS10 merchandise, like student-designed shirts, cozy sweats, eco-friendly bags and more.


  1. Don’t forget the more traditional ways to give through a monthly or one-time donation — we are grateful for any support you can offer.


  1. Please ask if your employer does matching gifts – anything you give from Read-a-thon contributions to direct donations may be eligible for a match!


Employer Matching Gifts

Employees of companies may have a secondary means of giving to PS10 via an employers’ matching gift donation program. Matching gift programs are set up by the employer to match employee contributions to designated not-for-profits or charities — the match may be dollar for dollar or a percentage. Many corporations offer matching gift programs to employees under their corporate philanthropy policy.


How do matching gift programs work?

In companies with matching gift programs, when an employee donates to a charity or not-for-profit organization, the employer increases the value of the donation. For example, should your company match dollar for dollar, your donation of $100 would be fully matched for a total donation of $200. Some companies even double-match donations, meaning they give $2 for every $1 donated by employees, and others match a percentage of each donation (for example, a 50% match would mean a company gives $1 for every $2 the employee donates).


Check with your employer

Ask your employer if your company is currently enrolled in any matching gifts programs. Often, Human Resources or the Payroll Department will have this information or can direct you to the department that does.


Next steps

Simply fill out the required paperwork from your employer. From that point, your employer will match the donations you make to the charity of your choosing.


PS10 has matching gift accounts set up with the following organizations:

Ford Foundation
American Express

Good Done Great

Goldman Sachs Gives

AMEX Philanthropy Employee Giving
Benevity Causes
Bright Funds 
CyberGrants / EasyMatch


Thank you for keeping us in mind with your donations, contributions, and parental support!


PS10 Parent Teacher Association