A Few Important Reminders...
Thu, Sep 14 6:38pm


We have had wonderful weather since school started , so I want to remind everyone that when we have rainy days, the kids will have Indoor line- up.

  •  Kindergarten students will be dropped off at the auditorium doors. Remember, this is drop off; parents do not escort students to class. Students are guided to rows by staff members while they await pickup. Teachers come down to pick their classes up at 8:20AM.
  • 1st - 5th Grade proceed to the cafeteria. School Aides will be there to direct students. 1st and 2nd grades are seated in the cafeteria with their classmates. Teachers come down to pick their classes up at 8:20AM. 3rd - 5th grade teachers wait for students in the classroom. Students will be sent upstairs to class by School Aides.    


We urge students  to come to school on time. We have just begun the school year, and students are coming in late.  We expect all students to be at school at 8:20AM. At the sound of the bell, all students proceed directly to class. Attendance is taken immediately, those students who are not in place are marked absent.  Attendance is then  sent to the main office where it is scanned into the citywide attendance system .  When a student  enters the classroom late, the teacher must recall the attendance to make the correction. By then, a  'robo call ' has already been generated  to your primary phone, stating your child is absent.

Late passes will be issued in the lobby, beginning Monday, September 18th.  A late student must get a pass that they hand off to the teacher when entering the classroom.


  Please send in your Blue Emergency Home Contact Cards ASAP.  If we need to contact you, we will  need all your contact numbers, and the numbers of all family, friends ,neighbors and caregivers who you authorize to pick-up your child . Without your written consent, we will not allow any person to pick-up your child. 


Be Prepared  for School  Everyday. Teachers ask the Security Guard not to call the classroom with forgotten items. It is disruptive to the class when the teacher receives phone calls during instructional time asking for a child to come to security to retrieve lunches,water bottles and backpacks. We may have to wait to get  these items to your child. Preparing as many things as possible on the evening before, will help the morning be less harried . 


As long as we're on the subject, let's discuss reusable drink containers....Some students have already lost or left behind their water bottles. Kindergarten and 1st grade kids(mostly)  have a hard time remembering to take there drink containers after lunch. Parents search the building after school hoping to find them. Sometimes they are found, sometimes they get thrown away. Our youngest students may not be ready to remember them daily. Consider recyclable paper containers for now........


We hope you enjoyed your Curriculum Night. AND, if you like getting Konstella notifications, tell your fellow parents to join. They can join  in on classroom conversations and receive important  announcements.