A Message for Our P.S. 10 Families
Tue, Mar 31 12:53pm

Good morning families!

As we wrap up what feels like the longest month EVER, we wanted to stop a minute and to thank you for all of your patience, words of support, sharing of links and resources, and as always, your partnership with P.S. 10.

We understand that some of you have felt overwhelmed during these uncertain times; every family’s situation is unique, and we have tried to take that into account as we have rolled out our remote learning platform. While we have established Google Classroom as our primary means of online teaching, you will start to see some additional ‘live’ sessions so teachers can check in with their students adding that crucial ‘human’ element that is so important during these times.

Just as this has been a time of unprecedented upheaval for our families, there has also been an amazing learning curve for our staff and they have more than risen to the challenge. From the taking of attendance to the submission of work, this process is constantly evolving as we get directives from the chancellor. We were happy to have so many 4th and 5th grade families finally have an opportunity to pick up devices for their children; if you are still awaiting a device after having filled out the remote learning survey, please wait for word from the DOE on delivery.

What we want to share with everyone is that while our teachers, paraprofessionals and school staff still have a job to do in educating your children. We understand that some families have multiple children, adults working at home, and the added stress of trying to remain healthy during this crisis. We have been checking in with our grade level teams to take the pulse of the classrooms- both in terms of academics but also with our students’ (and families’) emotional well-being.

To that end, our guidance counselor, Mr. Oramas has been working with students and our Parent Coordinator Maddie Seide has been reaching out to families from whom we’ve not heard. We have also been giving the feedback we receive to our teachers in terms of synchronous (‘live’) and asynchronous (assigned work at your own pace) teaching to create a balance that works for the class and/or individual students. If you and your child are feeling overly stressed, please “step away” from the school work and take time to figure out exactly what is being asked of the student. No child will be penalized if they do not complete an assignment that was posted by a teacher. Please do reach out directly to that teacher and share what you are feeling. If you feel that the workload continues to present a challenge for your child or you then reach out directly to the grade level supervisor who can then address the concerns with the teacher.

While we are trying not to overwhelm you with resources and links, we did want to share a few links designed in accordance with our message above.

First up is an NPR podcast on the very different homeschooling schedules being set up right now in homes which I think we can all relate to:


We also wanted to provide a few links and resources for families who are feeling the crunch of being stuck at home. While we are sure many of you have taken virtual tours via Google Earth, many museums have set up virtual visits which can be accessed here:


For families looking for more exposure to arts and culture, Lincoln Center is running their daily pop up classroom program:


PBS has also made all of their Broadway shows and musicals available for free until the end of May here. Please do check for age appropriateness:


Again, these are some resources you can utilize with your families when you need to step away from class assignments or when you're just feeling stir crazy. We will continue to keep you updated as we hear any news in terms of our schools. We wish you and your families the best of health during this crisis. As we have reiterated again and again we are in this together; we are 10!


Laura, Barrett, Gary W., Robert and Gary N.