A letter to parents from our Extended Day staff
Wed, Oct 4 1:30pm





Dear Extended Day Families,


As we wrap up loose ends with registration, we want to acknowledge the frustrations some of you have had with the new system, especially those who have submitted their registration, completed everything that has been asked of them and are still experiencing issues such as being unable to pay, getting locked out of the system, etc.  These problems have been brought to the attention of our software vendor.


Please note: if you were not part of the Extended Day Program in September, you should have received an email with your classes and an explanation of how to register.  If you have not registered, then your child is not in the system (even if you received an email with a class assignment). YOU must register using the classes you have been slotted for.  


We greatly appreciate the support and help so many families have offered. As always you can reach us in the PTA office or email us at extended.day@pta.ps10.org.  


Thank you!