Action Required: Blue Emergency Contact Cards and Yellow After School Program Cards
Thu, Sep 6 11:03am
Blue emergency home contact cards must be filled out completely, and returned the following day. Each card needs to have as many contacts as possible with current phone numbers. We have had cards returned to the office with a single name and phone number and nothing else. Return both cards to the teacher no later than Wednesday September 12th. 
Yellow After School Program Cards are to be completed by parents of students picked up and transported by outside after school programs ONLY.  We cannot dismiss any student to an organization until you have returned the Yellow Card completed and signed. Please list all after school programs, contacts and days other than PS10 programs.  There must be a signature at the bottom of each yellow card.  Place the card back in the folder and return it to  to the teacher the next school day. These cards will be placed with the corresponding blue cards in binders kept in the office.
Students leaving with any outside organization are brought to the auditorium at dismissal, where a counselor from each program will be waiting in rows holding signs. The counselor will have a daily roster and take attendance before leaving.
Important: I f your child is not going to attend a program, Please call the organization before 2 PM on that day to alert them. When a student on their roster  does not appear, the counselor and students can be delayed for 30 minutes while we locate the student.