Wed, May 23 2:23pm

We're excited to announce the winner of this year's raffle: Olivia Yen, K207. You won a HUGE raffle basket of STEAM games, toys and activities.

Thank you so much to our amazing exhibitors: Brooklyn Game Lab, Construction Kids, The League of Young Inventors, MakerState, BEAM Center, CodeJam, Kids in the Game, Koko NYC, The Tiny Scientist, Urban Choir Project, From Wonder, Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Geek Forrest, NORY, The Little Animation Studio, First NYC, Textile Arts Center, Nerdy Derby, Probot Artistry, VR Bar, Cook Shop, Facelab, Face Painter (Lisa Leveridge), STEAM Heroes, Green Dreamers, PTA crafts and more!

Thanks to our food vendors: Athena Mediterranean Cuisine, Klark's Kitchen and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Thank you to all our volunteers for pitching in and making this happen. We couldn't have done it without you!

And thanks to everyone who showed up and had a great time. What an amazing day!

See you next year.

The STEAM Team