Chancellor’s Clarification on Live Instruction
Fri, Apr 24 8:49am

Thanks to all who were able to attend the Town Hall meeting last night. Please find the message below which was delivered from the Chancellor yesterday evening which clarifies expectations on live instruction:

Clarification on Live Instruction

As outlined in the Guidance and Expectations for Remote Learning in Response to COVID-19, teachers are responsible for, to the extent possible, interacting with students in real-time to deliver lessons, facilitate discussion, and lead other instructional activities during the designated time. This can be done in multiple ways; for example, video taping instruction, responding to student work, or synchronous instruction. As we continue to flexibly meet the needs of all students, families, and school personnel, synchronous instruction is not required at this time. We are confident that each school community will select and continue to adapt the instructional methods that work best for their unique communities. For questions or support, please contact your Superintendent. In addition, there are BCO-designated Remote Learning Champions and support staff that are available to support you, as well.