Climate Strike Update
Thu, Sep 19 9:24am

Good morning P.S. 10 families-


It is with a sense of disappointment that we regret to inform our families that due to the parameters established by the Chancellor that no school staff members will be permitted to participate in the climate change rally.  This means that we will NOT be able to take our scheduled fifth-grade field trip to Red Hook tomorrow.


Specifically, these are the prohibited activities:


  • Schools cannot organize field trips to participate in the climate change walkout or stage their own climate change walkouts.
  • Schools cannot distribute flyers promoting or invite participation in the walkout.
  • School staff cannot participate in the walkout when they are scheduled to work.


Please do note that families may still take their children to attend the rallies taking place throughout the city and as long as the school is informed as to their intent, that this will be recorded as an EXCUSED absence.  Elementary students need to be signed out by a parent/guardian if they wish to participate in the protest.  We are currently working on a plan for families who will still be participating in the climate strike to inform the school in order to make sure the absences are marked as excused.


There are several families who have been actively involved in the planning and anyone who is still interested in attending any of the scheduled events can reach out directly to them.  While this day is supposed to be earmarked as an alert to ENVIRONMENTAL action unfortunately the POLITICAL implications directly impact the extent to which a school may be involved, namely from the Chancellor’s regulations:


  • Students should learn in a politically neutral environment.
  • Employees should refrain from advancing their own personal political views.
  • Schools and employees should avoid the impression that the school is endorsing any political perspective or point of view.


Thank you for your understanding in this matter,

P.S. 10 Administration