Community support
Fri, May 4 2:31pm

Muli Green, parent of PS10 2nd grader Zoe and 4th grader Mia, died unexpectedly on Sunday, April 29th. 

Muli has been a much-loved, deeply engaged member of the PS 10 and their Brooklyn community.  Now is our opportunity to return that love and help the family through this difficult moment.   

Close family friends have started a GoFundMe on behalf of the Green family.  In addition to being so present in his kids' lives and their school, Muli was his family's primary bread-winner.  Zipi, Mia and Zoe’s mom, now faces the challenge supporting the girls in the near-term and preparing for their future.  She faces both unexpected costs in the coming weeks, and the significant long-term costs of maintaining the shape of their lives.

We know the many people whose lives they touched are eager to give back.  We're so grateful.  Any amount goes a long way for Zipi, Mia and Zoe.  Thank you so much and please share this site.


Here is the link: