Congratulations to the PS10 Gladiators - PS10 Chess Tournament Results
Mon, Dec 9 12:48pm

PS10 Gladiators Hosted the largest ICN Brooklyn Chess Tournament!  


We had over 200 kids competing in Chess and 47 PS10 kids!  Many of them were competing for the first time ever!


How did we do?  AMAZING!  Please congratulate any team member you know!T


Team Prizes:
K3 U300 - 1st Place, Plaque
K12 U1400 - 2nd Place, Plaque  
K5 U700 - 2nd Place, Plaque


K3 U300 Individual Prizes

Asher Rosenbaum, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 2nd Place, Trophy
Charles Kim, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 3rd Place, Trophy
Eli Larios, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 5th Place, Trophy
Gabriel Signaevsky, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 7th Place, Trophy
Silas Lynch, 12th Place, Medal
Amelia O'Neill, 14th Place, Medal
Ronan Kennedy, 15th Place Medal


K5 U700 Individual Prizes
Benjamin Abramovitz, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 1st Place, Trophy
Kevin Xie, 11th Place, Medal


K12 U1000 Individual Prize
Dean Decoursey, 14th Place, Medal


K12 U1400 Individual Prize
Hunter Quirk, Perfect Score, 3.0/3.0, 1st Place, Trophy (Best player in the whole tournament)


Congratulations Gladiators!!!A special thank you for K280 for giving us a space to host our event!