Councilmen host Important Webinar for Parents in Spanish
Tue, Mar 31 2:35pm

A Message from Councilman Menchaca and Councilman Landers,

As we all navigate the many issues brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, Council Member Brad Lander has developed a live webinar series to help address many of the concerns present in our communities.  After looking at the responses you so kindly provided to the survey we sent out last week, one area of concern that was notable is the ability of non-English speaking parents to access information about remote learning, technology, and basic needs such as food and COVID testing. 

In response to this need, Council Member Lander and Council Member Carlos Menchaca will be hosting a Zoom webinar in Spanish for parents to ask questions and have their concerns addressed.  The date is Friday, April 3 at 3PM.  Speakers will include second grade teacher Paula Perrogon from PS 130, D15 Family Support Coordinator Brenda Diaz, and Aura Mejia, Tenant Advocate and Organizer at Neighbors Helping Neighbors.  Below is both a Spanish and English language email that you can forward to your parents.  Please also forward the attached flyer (in Spanish) and feel free to post it on social media as well.  Your help in getting this information out in a timely manner is very much appreciated!!!

Stay well!   Lara Lara Lai Education Liaison Office of Council Member Brad Lander 456 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY  11215 718-499-1090 *********************************************************


Estimados Padres, Los Miembros del Consejo Municipal Brad Lander y Carlos Menchaca,

Están organizando un seminario web en español para que los padres hagan preguntas y resuelvan sus preocupaciones. ¿Tiene preguntas sobre el aprendizaje remoto? ¿Quiere hablar con otros padres sobre los desafíos de hablar con sus hijos sobre la crisis del coronavirus? ¿Necesita soporte para acceder a la tecnología u otros recursos?

Únase a nuestra llamada de apoyo para padres, organizada por las oficinas de los Miembros del Consejo Municipal Brad Lander y Carlos Menchaca. Consulte el folleto adjunto en español para más detalles. Puede unirse a la llamada por video o por teléfono.

Viernes 3 de abril. 15:00. Registrarse aquí:



Dear Parents,

Council Members Brad Lander and Carlos Menchaca will be hosting a webinar in Spanish for parents to ask questions and have their concerns addressed.  Do you have questions about remote learning? Want to talk to fellow parents about the challenges of talking to your kids about the coronavirus crisis? Need support for accessing technology or other resources?  Join our parent support call, organized by the offices of Council Member Brad Lander and Carlos Menchaca. 

Please see the attached flyer in Spanish for details.

Friday, April 3rd. 3 PM Register here: 



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