Countdown to STEAM FAIR!
Tue, Mar 20 3:36pm

Hello PS10 Parents!

We are in the beginning stages of planning one of our biggest events of the year - STEAM Fair. This year’s event on May 19th is focused on STEAM Heroes and should prove to be another awesome day for the PS10 Community. In order to make this happen we need your support.

We are asking for only 10-15 minutes of your time - you don’t even have to attend meetings. Right now we need help reaching out to sponsors/vendors - by phone or email (whichever works best for you). Please reach out to Rebecca or Cynthia ( to get a list of 3 vendors to contact. While not time-consuming, your assistance will do so much to help us work toward another amazing STEAM Fair.

There will be a STEAM Fair meeting on Wednesday, March 21st in the cafeteria for anyone who wishes to attend. We love seeing new faces and meeting new parents so please join if you can!

Thanks so much in advance!

The STEAM Fair Committee