District 15 CEC is looking for new representatives
Fri, May 29 9:06am
Dear D15 Friends and Families,
Your strong leadership skills and vision for what our schools system could truly look like is invaluable and CEC15 encourages you to use the power that you have to continue to advocate strongly for our school communities and those in need. If you, or someone you know, is interested in being a part of the D15 Community Education Council we want to hear from YOU.
Our council is seeking 3 new council members, and 1 student member, to advocate for our D15 schools. Information on the role and expectations of CEC Members can be found in the Council Member Guide attached. Don't delay, fill out the attached application and send it to CCECInfo@schools.nyc.gov
Take care,


(P)718-935-4267  I  E-mail: cec15@schools.nyc.gov

131 Livingston Street, Room 301, Brooklyn, NY 11201


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Council Members: Camille Casaretti (President), Mark Bisard (Co-Vice President 1 & IEP Rep), Antonia Ferraro (Co-Vice President 2), Bess Abrahams (Secretary), Kimmerly Scott (Treasurer), Krystal Cason (Parliamentarian), Iván Banda (BP Appointee), Tia Schellstede (BP Appointee).