Duty-Free Teacher Lunch Survey for Hybrid Families
Thu, Sep 3 3:41pm

Dear PS10 Hybrid Families:

Per contract agreements, teachers are required to have a duty-free lunch. All students must eat lunch in the classroom. The teacher will not be eating or have his/her mask removed during the student lunchtime.

We could cover the duty-free lunch by having a teacher go from room to room to relieve the classroom teacher (not optimal), OR we could have the teachers bring their classes into the playground, the cafeteria, the gym, or the auditorium for a special socially-distanced class such as art, science, music or gym.

In this second option, cluster teachers or artists-in-residence would teach one grade (60 students) at a time. The child to adult ratio would be 12:1 thanks to paraprofessionals. The ventilation is best in these large open spaces and they can be electrostatically cleaned in between every session. This option also keeps the germ spread within classrooms at a minimum.

Having this information, please answer the following question - click here to enter your response.
Would you be comfortable with us utilizing this grade-wide cluster option to cover the duty-free lunch?

Thank you for your input,


PS10 Administration