Extended Day - We’re Not Just After School Anymore
Thu, Aug 27 4:37pm

Dear PS10 Families,


The upcoming school year looks different and so does the PTA Extended Day. Based on parent survey results, we’ve completely reinvented ourselves to better serve PS10 families. We are excited to introduce our brand-new fall offerings:


Outdoor Camp - We will take students to Prospect Park, Greenwood Cemetery, and other places around the neighborhood to engage in active play and learn the history of Brooklyn and Park Slope. There are two sessions to accommodate all students (*timing dependent on final school schedules). Our unique neighborhood exploring groups will adhere as closely as possible to DOE-assigned classroom cohorts, while also mandating face coverings and using child-safe sanitation practices in order to minimize viral spread.


Curriculum Support - We have hired expert educators in math, reading, and writing, and science to supplement your student’s learning. Teachers will pace with PS10 curriculum and teach remotely in small groups of no more than 10 children. In addition, we have educators on hand during remote learning days and after school to offer small group homework help to get your child moving on their posted assignments.


Online Enrichment - Featuring beloved classes from Extended Day, plus many new ones that will soon become fan favorites, we have moved our classic enrichment program online to offer fun, exciting classes in small groups no larger than 10 students. Classes are available at 3 and 4 pm.


While there are still many unknowns about what a typical remote school day will look like, we are ready to adjust and fill in the gaps as they present themselves. Our goal is to help make sure your student has as much continuous, remote live instruction as possible while also offering safe outdoor activities.


What has always made PS10’s Extended Day unique is the amount of scholarships we offer to our families. Right now, when many families are facing unforeseen hardships, we feel equal access to these unique programs is more important than ever. Scholarships for these programs are predicated on as many members of the community participating in our program as possible. We hope we can all come together as a community to help support one another.


Registration will open Friday, August 28th. In the meantime, take a look at what we have lined up so far by visiting www.ps10extendedday.com.


Please feel free to email us with any questions, or concerns you may have.




The Extended Day Team


Qushema Johnson, Director
Liam Sullivan, Assistant Director
Velma McKenzie, Operations Manager