Extended Day Programs for Hybrid Remote Learners
Thu, Oct 1 6:19pm
Does your hybrid student need more attention from live instructors on at-home days? Extended Day is collaborating with experienced educators to provide extra virtual learning opportunities for your students in live, online, small group settings. We also offer in-person Outdoor Camps at noon and 2pm. Check out some of our new offerings: 
Math Lab (virtual) - Led by instructors from ReimaginED​ this class focuses on developing children’s mathematical reasoning and communication through rich tasks (games, puzzles, routines and rich problems), ones that engage students in intellectual play. These tasks are designed to be accessible to all learners—while all students have access to the learning, the experience can be extended for those children who need to have their thinking challenged in other ways. Classes will follow the PS10 pacing for each grade level. No more than 10 students per session, Monday thru Friday morning session* and 3pm
Remote Day / Home-work Help (virtual) - Need someone to help your student get started on their posted remote work? We have staff ready to do just that. Students will be grouped by class and/or grade when possible. The instructor is there to help your child get through their tasks and answer any questions they may have. No more than 10 students per session, Monday thru Friday, morning session* and 3pm.
(*Morning session times are currently being rearranged around scheduled cluster classes. If you are interested, sign up for what is currently marked 10:30 and we will give you the final class time that works for your student's class once the schedule is finalized.)
Outdoor Camp (in-person) - Our all-weather, outdoor camp begins at 12 noon with another session at 2pm. Small groups of students are divided up into outdoor games and activities and/or taken on neighborhood walks. Register for the whole session or sign up for daily drop-ins (24-hour advance notice necessary).  
Enrichment Classes (virtual) - We have a variety of online enrichment classes for your students. Class sizes are no more than 10 students and are offered at 3pm and 4pm daily. 
Reading & Writing Workshops (virtual) - World-renowned educators from  Online Camps International challenge and inspire kids to read, write and think critically about texts they love and topics that have meaning. This is a rare opportunity for your student to work with instructors who are credited with inventing some of the field’s most effective teaching methods. Class sizes are no more than 10 students and are offered Monday thru Thursday at 3pm.
To register and for more information, please go to www.ps10extendedday.com 
As always, scholarships are available. To request a scholarship, please fill out this form, email us here or call us at 347.946.5767
Have other ideas on how we can be helpful to PS10 families in this unprecedented year? Email your ideas to: ed.chair@pta.ps10.org. If there is enough interest and a way for us to staff it, we will consider it. (Please keep in mind we do not have access to the PS10 building or any indoor space at this time).
Any questions, please email us at extended.day@pta.ps10.org.
The Extended Day Team