Google Classroom Outages and Remote Device Updates
Thu, Mar 26 12:12pm
Good afternoon PS10 families, We hope that you are settling into a consistent routine. Please note that we are getting reports from teachers that there are issues currently happening with Google Classrooms. We expect that this is something we may continue to see throughout the remote learning experience but hopefully only as temporary glitches. We realize that we still have families who are waiting for devices. If you have not already done so, please follow the directives below. Unfortunately at this time the NYCDOE has still not given clearance to schools to distribute the school-located laptops. If we do hear anything, we will post it here ASAP. Thank you for your continued patience and support during this time! From the Chancellor: While you wait for additional guidance regarding distributing existing devices at your school, please continue to encourage families, particularly those who do not have access to an internet-connected device at home, to complete the survey here: or call 718-935-5100, and choose option 5 to request a device, which will be distributed on a rolling basis.