Wed, Sep 30 10:24am



Due to the current health crisis, the only people allowed to enter the building are teachers,students, and essential staff. Parents who wish to enter the building MUST have previously made appointments, and health clearance as mandated by state officials.


The weather has begun to change.

 IT IS NECESSARY FOR STUDENTS TO ARRIVE AT SCHOOL PREPARED FOR CHANGING WEATHER CONDITIONS. Please check the weather before coming to school. Students will need to be outdoors for arrival and dismissal. You can always place extra clothes in their bookbag. 


IF STUDENTS BRING LUNCH, THEY MUST ARRIVE AT SCHOOL WITH THEIR LUNCH. Please do not deliver lunch to school after students have gone to the classroom. We are happy to provide school lunch,free of charge,to any student during lunch time.

PLEASE SEND STUDENTS TO SCHOOL WITH ALL NEEDED ITEMS INCLUDING WATER BOTTLES. One idea is to create a daily check list of items. Place it near your front door and go over it before leaving home.


Due to budget cuts causing reduced hours of some personnel, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that your child will receive items brought to school after arrival, in a timely manner. 


THANK YOU for your cooperation !