Mon, Sep 21 9:44am

Good morning families,


Welcome to Day 1 of this week of Remote Learning across the city at P.S. 10.  We thank you for your patience and support as students log-in to Classrooms and Zoom sessions following last week’s orientation days.  Please be aware that as expected with the entire city school system logging on, that there may be lags, delays and technical issues.  If your child was able to log in last week without an issue, please note that this is most likely NOT a P.S. 10 issue but rather one due to the number of individuals logging on simultaneously.  


We recommend that your child try the following:

  • Signing out and logging in again
  • Checking the browser and default email settings to ensure they are logging in with their NYCDOE credentials (email that ends in
  • Try logging out of all accounts and restarting your device

If your child is logging in for the first time and you are encountering issues, please do reach out to the  teacher and we will assist you in resolving the issue.  The great news is that the majority of our teachers and students are ‘live’ now in remote classrooms!  We will continue to work on this together in ensuring that our students get the most out of these remote days, whether they are full-remote or partially remote.  


Please note that no student should be attending school in person until our Cohort A students report on Tuesday, September 29th.


Yours in unity,

P.S. 10