Important Konstella Guidlines
Thu, Nov 30 7:46pm

***Please note some important guidelines for the usage of our Konstella system-



Konstella is a closed system, meaning that without an invitation no one can log on or get into
the system. Although the initial sign up seemed open, in the background all of the accounts
were approved by the Konstella system administrator, the classroom teacher, or the class parent

Parents can invite other parents onto the system or into their class rooms, however that request
still needs to be approved.

Items and information that are inside of the school community, particularly classrooms, should
stay within the school community. Please do not share information from a teacher or parent on
this system with outside parties unless that expectation is understood.

Things you can do to reduce traffic/notifications: 
 When setting up events or calendar dates there is a reminder feature that will send an
email or notification for the event, consider if such a reminder is actually needed.
 As you finish entering your event or calendar item use the Publish feature rather than the
Publish and Notify Users Now. Publish will place the item on the room calendar and
show it on the main calendar, Publish and Notify Users Now will send an email.
 Try to keep classroom discussions to a minimum. If a question is to or a comment is to
another parent, send a message to that parent directly rather than to the entire classroom
unless it is information that everyone may need to know.

Types of Communication:

The good:
 Information from a teacher or class parent
 School committees discussions
 Parent to parent communication
 Social group communication

The bad:
 Bullying a parent, the child of a parent, or a teacher
 Too much communication in the classroom space. Please keep parent to parent
communication in the private message system or establish a social group.

 Solicitation. No matter how grand the event or dire the need, soliciting of parents or
users is strongly prohibited. Community or group wide announcements may only come
from the School Administration, PTA, or Class Parents.

No matter where you are like any communication system, please be mindful of your comments
and postings.
Be sure that the person or group you intend to speak to is actually that person or that group.
When in doubt or if you need to broach a sensitive topic use the private message system or
send that person an email.
Konstella is an administered system and items or comments can be removed along with the