Important Message
Thu, Mar 1 9:47pm

Good evening parents,

Please note that in the wake of a spate of recent tragic events, most recently in Florida, we continue to examine our procedures in order to make sure we are providing not only a warm and nurturing environment for your children but a safe one as well. Today, we received word that there may have been a possible threat to safety near P.S. 130. We immediately put a ‘Shelter-In’ into effect. During this period of time, no one was permitted to enter or leave the building and all outer doors were locked. Following the NYCDOE’s Emergency Preparedness Protocols for a Shelter-In, teachers and students continued to attend to their day as usual but teachers were alerted in order to increase their situational awareness. We lifted the Shelter-In once we were notified of no further threat in the vicinity.

We also wanted to alert our parents to the following separate incident which occurred in Carroll Park and to which we were alerted by a nearby school this afternoon:

A parent alerted the LePort Montessori staff that a nanny was in Carroll Park yesterday and was distracted by a Caucasian woman in her 70s-80s, asking her invasive and personal questions about the child, while another Caucasian woman in her 20s-30s took the child by the hand and began to walk away with him. A police report has been filed. The child and nanny are fine but this is a very serious concern that we wanted to pass along to our community as many of you visit Carroll Park.

Accordingly, as this matter is further investigated, we will be suspending any walking trips tomorrow. We will continue to monitor this situation closely and keep you apprised as more information is revealed.

Finally, please note that there is a high wind warning in effect tomorrow along with heavy rains and possible flooding. Please take care and exercise caution as the worst conditions are expected in the afternoon.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


PS10 Admin