Indoor arrivals
Mon, Sep 9 1:47pm



Indoor Line-up: 


Kindergarten Auditorium Drop Off-

 If it is raining or snowing very hard, it becomes necessary to consider how much water, snow or ice is being brought into school. There have been serious slips and falls over the years that need to be avoided in the future, so parents of kindergarten students are asked to enter on 17th street, and bring K students to the auditorium. Please drop your child at the auditorium doors; school staff will seat children in specific rows with their class. Teachers come down and escort students to the class at 8:20 AM. Parents do not escort students to class at times of indoor lineup.


Grades 1-5:

Enter through the main entrance on 17th street  and proceed to the cafeteria.

  •   Grades 1,2 are seated in the cafeteria
  •  Grades 3-5  wait in the cafeteria until  School Aides direct them to proceed to  the 3rd and 4th floors