Join the PS10 Chess Club!
Thu, Oct 8 1:47pm
Dear PS 10 Families,
It has been an excellent start to the new year for our PS 10 Gladiator Virtual Fall Chess Team for 2020-2021.
In the first two years of our program, we built something truly exceptional, including our multiple Brooklyn Cup wins, and culminating in our City Championship. Our chess families created a community that is now a hallmark of PS 10 pride and success.

Our goal is that all PS 10 players, from complete beginners to advancing tournament players, can experience both the joy & significant social/educational benefits of learning and playing chess.

Players meet in the Virtual Club Room at 3:30pm where they will have a weekly opening meeting, where past week’s success is recognized, the upcoming events are emphasized, and expectations and team spirit is reinforced.
Our coaches provide not only quality prepared live lessons and playing advice, but also provide an opportunity for our kids to socialize and share their recent experiences and thoughts with their peers.
Lateral movements will occur within Lesson Rooms, as we experiment with class groupings and activities to identify the optimal training opportunities for our players. Players may also be promoted throughout the season as coaches feel fit.
Our chess players then practice starting at 4:30pm in our online playing platform. They have a chance to put their newfound ideas to work, and to have coaches analyze their outcomes and suggest ways to improve.
Come join us for excellent chess fun: 
Club Meetings: Tuesdays / Wednesdays
3:30pm - meet with coaches for instruction / puzzle solving / social time
4:30pm - game practice / coaches analyze games
Our PS 10 Team will prepare for Local, City, State & National Competitions.
We have scholarships & financial aid available, so don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or needs.
We'd love to welcome you to the team!
Yours truly,
Coach West