Konstella is LIVE!
Mon, Aug 21 11:28pm

Dear Parents,

The 2016-2017 Konstella school year has been archived.

A few moments ago the classrooms were added to the system and you may now place your child(ren) into the classroom assigned on your classroom assignment letters.

Please understand that the setup of the new school year within this communication system was done by the PTA and that we do not have access to class assignment listings, nor are we able to modify where child(ren) are placed. For those situations and circumstances you will need to contact the school administration directly.

All of the classroom spaces are blank at this time with no class parent leads currently assigned. Sometime around the start of school year the Class Parent Chairs will reach out to the parent community for Class Parent Volunteers both old and new.

Class Parents function within their Konstella class space as the central liaison for the class with its teacher and for the PTA, and to an extent assist with moderating the Konstella classroom space. Please be mindful in your rooms that a Class Parent has not been assigned at this time.

The classroom discussion/chat features are all enabled, however this may change at the discretion of your classroom teacher.

As always please consider that not all parents within a room will want to receive communication that is not immediately relevant to them, moving into private messages, social or private groups are the preferred means of group wide communication if room communication is limited.

You are able to change your communication preferences in your Account Settings:


Konstella this year has a slew of new features which we will introduce to the school community, we will introduce the features and update the Konstella Usage Policy as needed.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will start to populate the school calendar which will be shared here in Konstella and mirrored on the school website.

The 1st day of school will be September 7, 2017. It’s getting closer and closer! We hope that you have had and will continue to have an amazing summer.

Looking forward to great school year with you all,

PS10 Parent Teacher Association