Latest Updates on Attendance RE: COVID-19
Fri, Mar 13 1:58pm
Good afternoon P.S. 10 families, Firstly, we would like to thank you all for your support during these uncertain times.  As you are aware, things are shifting on an hourly basis; we continue to be in communication with NYCDOE Central in making sure we, and in turn, you are kept up-to-date. We understand that the decision to keep your child at home is a difficult and personal decision; each family must weigh their options and determine what is best for them.  With that in mind, we have proactively had our teachers putting together instructional packets for distribution as needed if the schools do shut down. The rationale behind this is that not all of our families have access to technology throughout the course of the day from their homes.  While we will also be sharing the link for the NYCDOE’s Learn-at-Home instructional materials, we want to ensure that all of our students are being provided with consistent work across the grade level. And finally, as always, having an abundance of independent reading available for your child is key! Additionally, we will be working together as a staff on Monday afternoon in order to provide additional online resources for children whose families have elected to keep them home proactively. We also are continuing to make sure that students are being coded accordingly depending on the reasons behind their absences.  To that end, please reach out to the classroom teacher and/or grade level supervisors in writing if you are choosing to keep your child home. As we continue to receive updates, we will make sure that you are looped in as we continue to work together to ensure both the well-being and continued education of our students. Best, The P.S. 10 Administration